Reroll Guide

Start your Octopath Traveler: CotC journey with a firm step in this detailed guide to rerolling the ideal characters!

It's a pleasure to be writing to you again, dear travelers.

Many of you may be visiting Orsterra for the first time. When someone decided to embark on this journey, the first steps can take two different ways:

  1. Just enjoy the adventures that await ahead and get carried away by the wind.
  2. Prepare as much as possible, calculating each step and making the beginning of the trip easier.

Although neither of the two decisions is better or worse than the other, it's fully respectable that some decide to take some time before starting to leave accompanied by the best possible group of travelers.

If you have decided to take this preparation time, this guide is for you.

Rerolling Definition and Meaning

It's clear that without a doubt, many travelers who begin their journey through Orsterra are undoubtedly already experienced explorers in other worlds and know what it means to reroll.

However, for many others, CotC may be their first adventure. That is why we must start with a brief explanation of what this means.

  • Reroll: Rerolling is the process of restarting your account repeatedly. This is with the intention that you can get a relevant number of high-value characters as soon as possible. Always prioritizing getting the ones that will make the start of the game easier for you.

Steps for Rerolling in CotC

Step 1

Start the game without connecting it to any social network or the Square Enix Bridge. At the beginning of our adventure, we will immediately receive a 5* traveler. It's at this moment that we must make the first decision.

The game will ask us to select between Wealth, Power, or Fame. The greatest relevance of this, is where our adventure will begin.

There are 8 possible options at this first moment, one for each job in the game. 2 travelers associated with Wealth, and 3 associated with Power and Fame:

  • Fiore: Warrior [Fame]
  • Gilderoy: Merchant [Power]
  • Lynette: Dancer [Power]
  • Millard: Cleric [Fame]
  • Scarecrow: Hunter [Fame]
  • Sofia: Scholar [Wealth]
  • Theo: Apothecary [Power]
  • Viola: Thief [Wealth]

Each of these eight characters has its advantages and utilities, but there are 2 that I would recommend as the first traveler in your group: Lynette, and Viola.


Lynette is one of the best buffers in the entire game. Even in the endgame, Lynette has her slot locked in our group in the vast majority of fights.

This is because she enables many of the most effective strategies when it comes to optimizing difficult encounters.

I would rate her skill kit in the buffs department at the S+ tier (wait for the tier list soon!)

This rating is because she has three different types of buffs, all of which stack with each other. Active skills, passive skills, and her ultimate. This in combination with having very good capabilities to debuff and being a fairly good breaker and fire elemental DPS makes her a great first pick for your group.


Even if nowadays Viola is not a must-have in every endgame fight, she makes almost every story bosses, and early fights much easier and more manageable.

This isn't to say that Viola won't have a part in an endgame group. She is one of the best debuffers in the game and I would put her rating in this department at S+ without a doubt.

Plus, she's pretty good as a breaker. With all this in mind, Viola is an all-terrain character. That is to say, it will never hurt to have her in our group, even in the most difficult fights in the endgame. Unless we seek to optimize a fight where we require a specific traveler for some reason. It's for all this that I consider Viola can be a great first inclusion to your group.

These would be my two main picks for this first step.


  • If you're looking to be a traveler interested in big boss fights, pushing your group to be strong as possible regardless of the cost and you want a traveler who will stay longer in your groups, Lynette would be your go-to.
  • If you want to speed up the early game, aim to spend little to moderate, and would like to get to the endgame as soon as possible, Viola would be a great choice.

Now, if you'll be a casual traveler but still looking to reroll, I could ad Theo to the equation. He is a solid traveler when it comes to axe DPS and HP regeneration. This could make this reroll step less time-consuming.

If you don't get any of these three characters go to the Menu > select Other > and then return to the Title Screen (you can also restart the game). Then you click on Options > Delete Account > repeat the process until you get what you want.

Step 2

After obtaining the desired traveler in the first step it's now the moment to finish the tutorial. This is quick and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Later you will be able to access the general menus of the game.

✉ Check the mail section and make sure you collect all the rubies (premium currency of CotC) in your mailbox. With this, we can go to the Guide section.

Here we can guide new travelers using the rubies in the different available banners.

There are certainly times when it's more convenient to start an adventure in Orsterra. Special events like the recent 1st Anniversary, limited-time banners, collaborations, or Travel Memories can be a fantastic way to strengthen your group.

Nevertheless, to make this guide durable over time, I will focus only on mentioning travelers who are permanently available on Chance Encounters.

The best way to accompany Lynette or Viola would be to look for a couple more 5* travelers. The ideal group would be Lynette/Viola + a nuker + a healer. This core would be solid enough to let us advance without too many complications in our first adventures.


It doesn't matter if we choose a magic damage character or a physical damage one. Any of the travelers I'm going to mention here are powerful damage dealers that would be of great help.


Known in the JP version of CotC as "Wrath", Lars has recently been added to the Chance Encounter banner (from time to time certain travelers are added to this permanent banner).

He is an extremely capable traveler and his ability to deal with physical damage is tremendous. Lars can focus on a single target or multiple enemies, something that makes him very versatile.

Also, he is an excellent breaker thanks to a skill capable of hitting 5 times without the need to boost it. His physical attack stat of 419 (+50) is one of the top three in the game, allowing him to do insane amounts of damage. He makes a very good combination with Lynette or Viola thanks to the buff/debuffs these travelers provide to him or the enemies.

Lars is also useful in some endgame battles shining where sword users are required.


Olberic is one of the 8 travelers from Octopath Traveler I.

One of his main characteristics is that in addition to being able to perform sword attacks, he has skills that allow him to make spear attacks. This ability to cover two weapons at the same time makes him very versatile in various battles.

He has many relevant skills. From a powerful sword attack on a single enemy, a spear attack that also allows him to act first the next turn, to a spear attack that hits 3-5 times, which makes him a pretty decent breaker.

As if that were not enough, he can paralyze the rivals, increase his defenses, and thanks to one of his passive abilities, he can cover all the attacks that were directed at the allies of the front line for one turn. This transforms Olberic into a traveler who, in addition to having a high damage output can cover the tank role.


Certainly, spear travelers aren't known to be damage dealers. W'Ludai gave a new twist to the merchant class that had always been known for their abilities as tanks or support characters.

Her skill kit is very interesting and has very powerful spear attacks, which makes her the most powerful spear DPS traveler in the game (her physical attack is only 5 points below Lars').

Single-target attacks that give her priority, AoE attacks, the ability to blind enemies, a 30% boost to her damage while at full HP, and self regen. All of this combined with an HP stat that beats 99% of other travelers makes W'Ludai a great partner for Lynette or Viola, who will be able to boos her capacities tremendously.


Travelers like Therion with the ability to do self-sustained DPS are key during hard battles. This is because in many difficult battles, being able to ram the damage cap is the difference between victory and defeat.

Pure and raw DPS. Even though his physical attack doesn't reach the other traveler's stat mentioned above, the amount of times he can attack with his skills is almost unmatched. This is thanks to one of his passives that allows him to use any of its skills a second time in a row when using at least 3 BP (Battle Points) on it.

He has skills that allow him to recover HP and SP. If we add to all this his great speed of 445 (+50) and that he is capable of breaking shields even if the enemies are not weak to daggers or fire, Therion would be another great option to include in your starting group.


Z'aanta is a very particular hunter. Although this class is characterized by multi-target attacks, Z'aanta has a high-powered single-target bow skill, allowing him to deal massive amounts of damage to specific targets weak to bow when needed.

That doesn't mean Z'aanta can't attack multiple enemies at once. He has a pair of skills that allow him to attack random enemies multiple times in a single turn.

Now, what makes him particularly special is Hägen, his wolf companion. 🐺 Z'aanta can send it into combat and deal damage in the form of dagger attacks to a single target or fan attacks to multiple targets. This breadth of coverage makes Z'aanta and Hägen tremendously versatile. Also, one of his passives increases Hägen's damage by 30% making this duo valuable partners in many encounters.


Cyrus is the last character I will include on this nukers list. He is the only magic damage traveler, but this doesn't mean that spell casters are not good options for our group.

The reason for this is simple. All travelers in CotC are bound to one (or more) element and can deal damage related to this element giving us the necessary cover when it's called for.

Now, unlike the other travelers, Cyrus is the only character who is capable of dealing damage from three different elements, covering Fire, Ice, and Lightning at the same time. Of all the scholars available on this banner, he is the one with the highest Mag (magic attack) stat with an amazing 454 (+50) which does not pale when compared with seasonal exclusive characters.

In addition, he has an incredibly relevant utility at the begging of the game in one of his passives. He can reveal one weak point of our enemies at the start of the battle, which makes many battles simple to complete on the first try. -Peredir, a 4* traveler is valued at the start of the game for this very reason.


In order to advance without major complications, we will need to keep our group alive. A traveler capable of healing injured members of our group it's a great help.


Ophilia is an amazing traveler when it comes to supporting our group.

She can heal, give hp regen, increase physical and magical defense, and restore any stat debuff to our front row characters. This is without mentioning that she can also revive our allies already fallen in combat.

Many of her skills have these effects in combination, which allows us to have a significantly higher survivability when we have her in our party.

In addition, she can stay in the front row protecting our group without fear thanks to a passive skill that allows Ophilia to revive once per battle with full HP and SP. Undoubtedly one of the best supports in the game even in the most complicated fights.


Apothecary travelers are known to be excellent support characters. While Alfyn isn't a cleric like Ophilia and his healing capabilities are not comparable, his skill kit makes him one of the best characters in the game (he is easily in my top 5, even counting limited banner travelers).

When we think about the strongest travelers, people tend to point to the ones that do the most damage, but the reality is that many of them reach their potential thanks to Alfyn.

This is because Alfyn can offer a pomegranate snack to our allies, recharging the party's BPs, and allowing us to use our travelers' skills in a maximized way consecutively.

I put him in this guide as a healer since, like Ophilia, he can grant HP regen to the front row (increasing fire and ice resistance at the same time). This can be enough at the beginning of the game to survive the first difficult fights. Plus, Alfyn has a skill that revives an ally, and although it will take time to unlock this skill, in combination with the aforementioned regeneration, it makes this apothecary capable of proving the support our group needs in the long run.

Also, compared to other apothecaries, his attack and crit stats are high, allowing us to have a character capable of decent axe and ice damage.

-Note: Just like I mentioned Theo in step one, the process can be shortened if we add some travelers to the equation:

  • DPS: Fiore (high physical damage warrior), H'aanit (AoE damage and excellent shield breaker), and Sofia (Ice nuker).
  • Support: Primrose (amazing enabler for hard fights) Theo (solid regen healer and axe DPS), and Tressa (great utility and tank).

Summary and Step Three

  • In step one we must look for Lynette or Viola. We can add Theo to the equation if we want to shorten the process.
  • Having completed step one, finish the tutorial and use the rubies on the "Chance Encounters" banner to search for: Lars / Olberic / W'Ludai / Therion / Z'aanta / Cyrus + Ophilia / Alfyn.

This will make your party have Lynette or Viola + a nuker + a healer. The combinations are many, however, any of them, even considering the characters that help us shorten the process, is enough to start the journey.

If you are someone who plans to spend money on the trip, a healer or support traveler would not be extremely necessary, and having just Lynette / Viola + a nuker would be enough. Getting some powerful healer or support traveler would be not that hard in the short term.

Now if you are going to spend little or nothing, to get the best possible start, I would stick with my recommendation of Lynette / Viola + Nuker + Healer.

If you will be a casual traveler and still want to reroll, any combination of 2 of all the travelers named in this guide will be more than enough to have a firm footing on your first adventures.

Once you have the desired travelers in your group, is time to go back to the main title screen and bind your account to Square Enix Bridge or a social media account, which will allow you to access your account on other devices and have a backup in case you need it.


I hope this guide will let anyone looking to start their journey in CotC meet the travelers who would make those early days memorable. At we are willing to work to bring the best content of this game that we are all so passionate about, looking for creating useful tools for the community.

Some of these articles will be aimed at new travelers, but don't think we've forgotten the more experienced ones. Soon I will be writing content that will no doubt be useful for those in the more advanced stages of the journey. Let's go one step at a time.

I invite you to express any ideas about this article (or this project in general) in the comment section of this article and on my Twitter. I'm sure that soon we can look back and be happy to see how much this project has grown.

Remember to stop at the gate often. And till then, my friend, farewell; May your travels through Orsterra be marvelous!