A New Journey Begins!

Introduction to our new home Octopath.gg and team focusing on Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.

Table of Contents

If there's something in life that can fill us with encouragement and joy, it's new beginnings.

First of all, dear travelers, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Bohe, another traveler like you who also enjoys adventures in Orsterra. For a little over two years I have been part of the DotGG Network Family, an event that has undoubtedly changed my life.

Magic: The Gathering opened doors for me and Marvel Snap has seen me establish myself as a writer. And I hope that Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent allows me to fulfill what is expected of a project manager.

Yes, that's how it is. The High Command has chosen me for this voyage. It's a huge responsibility! But I'll certainly do my best.

- "But Bohe, wait... what do you mean with this voyage?"

Let me explain. DotGG's mission is to provide the highest premium quality content and create communities for our favorite games. When I heard that we wanted to expand the horizons to mobile games, I couldn't help but mention Octopath CotC!, a game that I waited for with great excitement and that I enjoy every time I decide to dedicate time to it.

From left to right: Therion, Olberic Eisenberg, Ophelia Clement, Cyrus Albright, Tressa Colzione, H'aanit, Alfyn Greengrass, and Primrose Azelhart.

And a few days later, here we are. With a space that little by little we will be conditioning to offer the entire Octopath CotC community a place to go when the trip gets difficult or they simple need a place to rest.

Short Term Plans

My goal during the first quarter of Octopath.gg life will be to consolidate this place as a reliable source of information, always up-to-date to make life more enjoyable for Orsterra travelers. This is regardless of whether they have been touring the continent for some time or are just disembarking in the Coastland Region.

This translates into:

  • Updated Tier Lists
  • Farming Guides
  • Battle Optimization
  • Guides for New Players
  • New Units and Banner Reviews
  • Ruby Spending Planning and Management
  • Equipment and Accessories Tier List and Guide
  • Voice Actors / Seiyū Showcase
  • Patch Overviews
  • Pull Strategies
  • Travelers Reviews
  • End Game Content

...and a long etc that my pet cat will remind me when it's appropriate to do so.


There's still a lot of work to be done to make this place presentable, but in the meantime, dear travelers, I invite you to express any ideas regarding this project in the comment section of this article and on my Twitter. Without a doubt, I will read every one of the opinions and I will seek to nourish myself from it so that soon we can look back and be happy to see how much this place has grown.

Be vigilant and stop by the gate often. Soon I will be sharing the official communication channels, that is the Discord server, the Twitter (or "X"?) account, and any other means that you may consider important for us to be in contact.

And till then, my friends, farewell; May your travels through Orsterra be marvelous!